Lauren Fox & Ritt Henn

Fox & Henn (Lauren Fox & Ritt Henn) proudly present their debut show, GHOSTS OF LOVE – SONGS FROM THE REEL WORLD OF DAVID LYNCH.

David Lynch has been an American film icon for over four decades. His highly stylized, surreal vision of the world, and especially relationships, has inspired so many filmmakers who followed…. Lynch is a master at curating music for his soundtracks, making them as much a part of his films as the films, themselves. He has also written several stunning songs.

Fox & Henn have taken these songs from David Lynch’s soundtracks, along with dialogue extracted from his screenplays, and arranged them to tell a new story (using Lynch’s dark, Film Noir style) of two people, haunted and tortured by love.

“Evocative…it casts a heady spell…a fraught musical dialogue that could be taking place in the Twilight Zone…The aural nakedness opens a cavernous space for spirits to chase one another in circles. More than once, I thought of the Orpheus myth.…The demons and angels who inhabit Mr. Lynch’s imagination stirred to life.”—Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Dark, dark, dark—and hypnotically compelling.” -Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal

“If you are a connoisseur and lover of Lynch films and their soundtracks, the excellence of Ghosts of Love will leave you practically euphoric.” -Stephen Hanks, Broadway World

“Many of the songs, including several co-written by Lynch, may not be familiar. But it doesn’t matter: following one another with minimum dialogue, sometimes re-interpreted by the performers to offer new meanings—as Lynch has been known to do in his films—the numbers follow one another to provide a non-stop, riveting story of a relationship.” -Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes